When exploring a continent as vast and widespread as Africa, driving yourself around may just be the better option. This holiday season, if you’re heading to Africa, why not experience a different way of traveling instead of the usual flying, that we are all so very used to? Rent a car, get your map out and navigate the roads of Africa!. Not only will you be able to explore the expansive plains of the savannah, but you will also be able to truly experience Africa like a local.

Mili Adventure Africa is a fully-loaded car rental for a Self-drive and Chauffeur driven holiday provider in Africa, based in Arusha Tanzania. It is owned and managed by a team of local safari experts, who proud of their lifelong hands-on Safari matters experience and the hospitality industry in general.

Independent expert travel advice

Local expert on self-drive safari

Real value at a fair price

100% Financial protection


Before even starting to plan a road trip in Tanzania, ask yourself a few crucial questions. What kind of experience are you looking for: budget or luxury road trip, or perhaps something in-between? When are you willing to go? How many national parks or places you’d like to visit? Identifying your own needs is the first step of careful road trip planning. After that, you can either contact us or start sketching the itinerary on your own.


30 Days East Africa Trek ( Tanzania & Kenya)

25 Days Tanzania Trail

20 Days Breathtaking, Unrivaled Game Driving

15 Days The Finest to Explore Tanzania!!!

10 Days Experience Tanzania Spetacular Wildlife